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“Reality Learning”
[What is “Reality Learning”?] A style in which children can work and learn as one person in the real world with the support of experts in each field

1)Why does it need “reality learning” in childhood?

ⅰ “Abstract” knowledge can  use  “specifically”
Originally ,in the real world  , first  facing a specific situation , next applying  abstract knowledge  to that one.
The knowledge gained from study in school is just abstract one.
Children should face a specific situation.
“make and sell products and services on their own for selling real market”
“running a virtual country with children alone,”
For children, facing with like above specific projects and  experiences of applying knowledge to them will foster their ability to survive in the real world.

ⅱ  Encourage a challenge and re-analyzing
In the real world, people sometimes experience a failure.
Nobody can’t avoid a failure, and rather shouldn’t avoid .
Because when you fail, it’s the  best opportunity to think deeply.
So children should experience failure many times from early age.
When you think about why you failed in reality ,the subjects to deal with are cross-sectional.
For example, when selling something, Children should think of following things.
Whether the text of the ad was attractive (language / psychology)
It would have been nice if the characteristics of the market could be quantified and graphed (arithmetic),
Could the climate / geographical factors and historical background be related to the desire to buy? (Society)

That’s to think deeply

ALTER’s Reality Learning encourages children to think deeply by  challenges and re-analyzing the causes of failure.

ⅲ  leave the “narrow world” at school
In school life, most of the day is spent with members of the same age in same classroom. It can describe as  “narrow world”.

Why is it narrow?
Just because in the same age class , children are regarded as same level,  in the fact, their development direction and progress are completely different.
Children never escape from the educational platform.
In this wide world,  No one must not  be hated from all over the world truly.
But In  “narrow world”, it’s possible  due to narrow perspective.
Therefore, school environment tends to fall into an uncomfortable learning one .As a result, it occurs  class caste, bullying, and suicide.

Members involved in ALTER have different age and background visually, just like in the real world.
To work together well on a project, we must respect that “ difference”.
By participating in the ALTER project, Children will be able to get away from the “narrow world” and experience the real world.

2) Introduction of ALTER Project

We regularly organize the following Projects mainly in the city of Kyoto.

[Child Entrepreneur Project] Activities: Sell products and services created by children in real economic markets.
Patent applications and trademark registration are also performed.
Effect: Experiences of Selling  give children self-reliant spirit  .
Because i
t is necessary to present the “value” you believe along with the story and “empathize” others with that value as entrepreneur.
Through this “value empathy” experiences, you can develop a truly self-reliant spirit .

[Children’s Country Project] Activities: Create virtual “autonomous regions” by only Children ,that manage  national components such as Politics / Legislation / Jurisdiction/ Economy / Making policy .
Effect: In the process of operating a small “country”,the experience to deal with the national problem using abstract knowledge, It’s a great opportunity to hone your sense in the real world.

[Child Specialization Project] Activities: Under the facilitation of experts in each field, children will learn various specialties. For example
・ Law program-what are rights, what are litigation?
・ Engineering program-try to actually create the specification of the thing
・ Investment / Asset Building Program-What is money, what are assets and liabilities?
Effect: You can acquire “real world conscious” specialized knowledge that you cannot learn at school.